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cryptocurrency - It has 32 x bytes = 32 x 8 = 256 bits MerkleRoot: hash based on all the transaction in the block having 256-bits. Nonce: 32-bit number starts with 0 to try hash. HashPrevBlock: hash of the previous block. Bits: difficulty of block hash with 32-bits. Time: Block creation time / current block timestamp and has 32- bits. Version: use to create the block, gives a new version once the software is updated.

imageSo, when taking the values from a block explorer we might have to convert them form decimal to hexadecimal (usually big endian) and subsequently into little endian. The input values need to be in little endian hexadecimal format.

They can be sold for intrinsic value if nothing else. Gold, btc silver, copper, palladium etc. BTC meets the definition of a commodity; it is a good traded and sold. In the US, the Fed can print more money which dilutes the money supply and causes inflation. Check out for more info. Derivatives "ITM" have a value regardless of the security they derive value from. Bitcoin’s value is primarily in its scarcity. can be used as a form of money as trading natural resources dates back hundreds of years. But the number of Bitcoin is capped. That prevents dilution. Bitcoin has soared recently because of adoption but also because of portending inflation caused by the $Ts being injected into our money supply. If you’re referring to LTCM, their downfall was not the risk of derivatives. However, they omitted the ‘black swan’ event – the extremely rare volatility that bankrupts a trader committing all their capital. No bubble in history has lasted 20 years. Derivatives are the right to buy or sell, and that’s it. Derivative bubbles don’t pop; underlying instruments do. Bitcoin is open source and anyone wishing to learn more can read all about the Satoshi Nakamoto consortium and how Bitcoin works. Bitcoin’s intrinsic value according to Morgan Stanley and Bank of America is ~$355,000. Ponzi schemes are mired in opaqueness; witness Madoff’s unwillingness to even discuss the trading strategy. The only question is will it get there before being usurped by the regulators (unlikely now) or innovative alternate rendering it obsolete (again unlikely given its rapidly growing customer base)? It was because they predicted the average of many trading events and they played the odds.

Do you understand Fintech or finance or tech enough to even comprehend what Bitcoin is? Because you’re obviously clueless about finance. Dude, your post is crammed full of incorrect information. What is your background, or are you another armchair analyst?

If we could send everyone the same Bitcoin, it would have no value. We could sent that MP3 file to everyone reading this article and you would all have that same file. Let’s look at it like another kind of digital asset, an MP3 of a song. That’s fine for songs, but that’s not so great with Bitcoins.

Les résultats du premier trimestre indiquent déjà une amélioration de l'activité transactionnelle sous-jacente, bien que nous reconnaissions que cela reste un environnement difficile. Notre situation financière reste solide, et plus importante qu'à tout moment de l'histoire de notre société. « Les résultats de Gunvor se basent sur son activité transactionnelle mondiale, démontrant la réussite continue de notre stratégie de diversification même dans un environnement transactionnel difficile », a déclaré Torbjorn Tornqvist, PDG de la société. « La stratégie de Gunvor continuera de manière intégrale, notamment dans notre manière de nous diversifier avec de nouveaux produits, BNB dans de nouvelles régions et avec de nouveaux investissements.

The body is the list of all transaction done by the creator of the block while the header consists of the identification details used to prove the validity of the block and transaction. A blockchain is a chain of individual blocks where every block consists of header and body. The header of each block comprises the following six parameters used to create the hash of the block:

Financial infrastructure is currently a mess of closed systems. Gaps between these systems mean that transaction costs are high [Provost 2013] and money moves slowly across political and geographic boundaries [Banning-Lover 2015; CGAP 2008].

Society prospers only when truth, beauty and the rule of law (for all) are respected. The loss of value in currencies is analogous to the loss of value in society: build something on the basis of lies — a foundation of sand — and it must eventually fail.

The Bitcoin database services millions of users around the planet and has thus far shown itself to be essentially invulnerable to attack. Bitcoin [1] has demonstrated a new approach to securely storing data in the cloud.

imageInflation is the invisible thief that steals from the poor and gives to the rich. The elite Chosen Ones get fast access to new "free money" while the workers have to earn it at yesterday’s hourly wage rate. The left rail indignantly against income inequality but apparently don’t have any idea what causes it. If only the Occupy crowd could figure it out. The social pain that arises from extreme income inequality is a direct consequence of Reserve Bank policies.

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